Beta Alpha Psi is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, and we operate with a departmental corporate-structured model. Departments are headed by an Officer, or VP (Vice President), and are operated by various managers and directors within. VP’s look out over the big picture, whereas individuals within the department will manage and execute individual projects or events.

Below are the major sections of Epsilon Alpha, their basic roles, and opportunities available within each to members looking to devote their time to the chapter.

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Committee

The Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Committee of Epsilon Alpha works alongside our chapter’s Membership team to meet membership and candidate’s diverse needs, engage the Portland business community on diversity initiatives and hosts the Emerging Professionals Diversity Conference held annually in January. This conference informs the PSU and surrounding business community about a wide range of topics about diversity including implicit bias. The Committee provides an excellent opportunity for candidates and members interested in developing their professional presentation, communication, and planning skills! For more information on becoming a Committee Member or volunteering for this team, contact


The Communications department of Epsilon Alpha organizes, edits, and publishes our academic journal, a collection of writings ranging from technical accounting and finance articles, book reviews, and professional and faculty interviews. Our Journal is a fantastic opportunity for candidates and members interested in developing their professional writing and research skills! For more information on becoming a writer, editor, or designer for the journal head over to our Job Listing page.


Our Marketing department is just like it sounds; it gets the word to members, students ,and relevant interests about BAP happenings and events throughout the year. See a BAP flyer around campus? That’s the Marketing department! Marketing is also in charge of our social media and website, providing plenty of opportunities for members with diverse interests to work on in-demand skills relating to web-based promotion and design.


We couldn’t put together our incredible weekly meetings or social events without the Programs department, creating community and professional networking opportunities for the entirety of the Portland State community. A department that handles such a core functionality, Programs is currently looking for motivated individuals interested in creating community within the chapter through unique programming. As a member of the department you’ll be given the chance to create events, organize meetings with professionals throughout the community, and truly make a difference at Portland State.

Recruiting Events

To understand Recruiting Events you first need to familiarize yourself with fall recruiting season. Considered by many the most critical part of the year for any accounting major looking to join the ranks of public accounting, we seek to prepare our students to make it count and land the job that they want before they even graduate. How do we do this? Enter the Recruiting Events department. Hosting our Spring Networking Social, Mock Interviews and Resume Critiques, and Meet the Firms, Recruiting Events is the heart of our academic-professional bridge.

Have an interest in meeting recruiters, event planning and logistics, or helping to continue Epsilon Alpha’s reputation as the recruiting power-house that is? Check out the Recruiting Events job postings for the upcoming season.


Over the past few years Epsilon Alpha has stepped up into the national BAP arena and proven ourselves a chapter-to-beat in all things competitive. From Big 4 sponsored ethics, leadership, and best practices competitions, to case competitions, and even for our outstanding journal, we have earned numerous top-place spots for the quality and initiative of our chapter.

Have a competitive edge? Want to develop your writing and public speaking skills while being part of one of the winningest teams BAP has to offer? We’re looking for presenters to come with us to Spokane, form teams for case competitions, and more!


If the departments are the body of Epsilon Alpha, then the Executive department is the head. Comprised of the President, Executive Vice President, Treasurer, and Assistants, the Executive department sets the chapter’s course for the year and determines where best chapter efforts will be spent. Performing administrative tasks, delegating projects between departments, on-boarding new members and candidates, filing financials and hours reports… it’s a little less glamorous than Competitions or Programs, but someone has to do it. If you’re interested in getting busy with the behind-the-scenes functioning of the chapter check out the current Executive department openings!