Initiation Requirements

Becoming a Candidate in BAP is a simple process, but becoming a Member requires work. To be initiated into Epsilon Alpha, and thereby Beta Alpha Psi International, one must complete BOTH the BAP International Requirements and Epsilon Alpha Chapter Requirements within two terms of the start of their candidacy.

BAP International Requirements

These are straightforward; membership can only be granted if the following conditions are met:

  • Declared (or intention to declare a) concentration in accounting or finance
  • Cumulative AND upper level major GPA of 3.0 or above (with some exceptions)
  • Cumulative GPA of most recent 30 credits of 3.25 or above
  • Completion of one of the following upper-division courses: ACTG 335, ACTG 360, ACTG 381, FIN 319, or FIN 352


Epsilon Alpha Chapter Requirements

Responding to student demand for a more flexible path to membership, and in an effort to increase student leadership amongst our membership base, we’ve reworked our chapter membership requirements this year! We now offer two options to membership: The classic hours-based option, and the new chapter leadership option.

Option #1 – Hours

  • 12 Professional Hours – Earned by participation in BAP sponsored meetings, events, workshops, networking opportunities, and/or career development. Examples include: Weekly Meetings, the Spring Networking Social, Meet the Firms, resume workshops, etc.
  • 12 Service Hours – Earned by participation in BAP sponsored volunteer activities and events benefiting the greater community. Examples include: AARP Tax-Aide/CASH Oregon program, Rotary Club Enterprise Academy, Friends of Trees, Oregon Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity, Sisters of the Road, etc. These events will change regularly and be announced in advance.

These hours represent totals over the course of your two-terms as a candidate, and can be accumulated from the moment you join BAP to the final day of your second term (Summer excluded). Upon reaching 12 Professional hours and 12 Service hours your chapter membership requirements are considered fulfilled.

Option #2 – Leadership

This is our new option, and offers a more flexible way for those with difficult schedules to make a difference in the chapter and become a full fledged member! Any of the following will count for a Leadership requirement:

  • Write an article for the BAP Journal
  • Host an EA Initiatives event
  • Host a chapter event (department activity)
  • Attend 90% of weekly meetings throughout both terms of candidacy
  • Form a team and participate in a case competition

These options require a more focused approach to your chapter impact, but each one is designed to add value to the BAP experience for your both yourself and your fellow members by creating opportunities for active leadership in our community. Once you have successfully completed any of the above, your chapter requirements are considered fulfilled.


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