Diversity & Inclusion Committee

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Our chapter is in the process of creating a new body within our leadership team: Diversity & Inclusion Committee. This committee will be tasked with training and preparing Beta Alpha Psi members and candidates to be inclusive participants in an increasingly diverse workforce. We are looking for three students with a passion for these issues. These students will work closely with the Competitions team and have the opportunity to develop new positions in our chapter’s leadership. This opportunity is a great way to gain your BAP membership!

Members of this committee will:

  • Attend 2-3 training programs or workshops in equity-related issues over the course of Winter and Spring Term. The dates of these training programs are to be announced.
  • Conduct complementary research to enhance their understanding of what they learn in these workshops and issues surrounding diversity and inclusion in today’s workforce.
  • Assist in the creation and implementation of a survey for our BAP members and candidates regarding our chapter’s level of diversity and inclusion.
  • Conduct a meeting in April 2017 for BAP members and other business students to impart the knowledge they have gained through their training programs and research. The committee will advise other students about how to apply the things that they have learned within the university environment and in their future professional careers. The topic of this meeting, as of now, is open-ended. It can be a chance to teach your fellow students about something you are passionate about!

Please email Sydney at competitions@bappdx.org with any questions and to express your interest in joining the Diversity & Inclusion Committee!